Dear Member,

From Val and Rod in the office and I’m sure the rest of the management committee, in wishing all our members the very best of health and hope that while this pandemic ensues you are all keeping well during these difficult times.

It is three weeks and two days (Not counting!) since we closed our doors. Our task now is to ensure the staff and members are supported in every way we can. All our payable staff have been furloughed and are receiving 80% of their average pay over the past 12 months. For those who have not been on the payroll for 12 months then it will be for the time they have been employed. The 80% can be claimed back and We will be doing this commencing April 19th.

Obviously, our major problem is NO income. For all entertainment and hospitality venues the government is providing grants of either 10k or 25k depending on our rate able value. So anybody with a rate able value of less than 15k wil get 10k pounds. A rate able value of 15k to 50k qualifies for a grant of 25k. Our rate able value is £14,500, £500 short. However, if we do qualify then it will be an extra 10k which should tide us over without losing a lot.

We have received extensive correspondence from our principal drinks supplier, Molson Coors, to point us in the right direction re cleaning lines etc. Aaron is sticking to the guidelines provided and is busy dumping out of date stock. We will be left with quite a large number of ‘Out of Date ’ barrels. For all unopened barrels Molson Coors will replace them with up to date barrels. Thank you very much Molson Coors!!

It is imperative ‘The Office’  judges our opening strategy correctly. Hopefully, we will get some notice as to when we will be allowed to do business. At that point we will place an order with the brewery and get a delivery date.

There is no point in us opening until we  have had a beer delivery. Aaron will have to get his staffing levels up to scratch to handle the grand opening.  After which, we can ‘Strike up the Band’ on the car park, and time to get a few down!!!  You will be kept informed.

Val has been very busy, as usual, bringing the membership up to date. Now is a fantastic opportunity to implement the membership card. If you haven’t received one yet then to purchase your beer at a reduced price then you will need one. Door checks will be in operation over the weeks after opening.

On Saturday morning the 21st march we cleared out ALL Machines, Tills, drawers different tubs and envelopes, snooker, pool and anywhere there was cash. It was all banked as takings. Our only priority was to make sure nothing was left on the premises. The result of this action is that all draws etc will start from scratch except D or no D.

As soon as we resume activities we need to get our Pool and Darts league matches sorted. We will definitely be in need of the revenue!! Captains, can you make the necessary contacts 1 or 2 weeks before anticipated opening.

Val will be taking room bookings, along with everything else she does, so sort your dates for parties etc.

We have a number of members who are on their own. Some have difficulty going shopping etc. and some are old. If any of you know anybody just give them a ring. Spend 5 or 10 minutes passing the time with them. It will mean so much to them.

We are legally instructed that If you are NOT a KEY worker then stay at home and save lives. Help protect us all.

The Office